A Social Media Strategy for Startups in 11 Steps

11 steps startups should take to market themselves at launch.

#1 Start with research and be informed

Startups have to keep a close eye on their industry. Companies launch and fail everyday, so it’s important to read tech and startup news.

#2 Sign up right now!

Go wherever the people are. Today, the big two are Twitter and Facebook. Haven’t signed up? For god’s sake, get on it! These two work well for everybody, but other networks cater best to different types of startups.

#3 Be active, but watch what you say

Only post when you have something to talk about. Everyone has their own rules on how active they should be, but no one will respond to “what’s up?”

#4 Don’t spread yourself thin

Be careful not to over-extend yourself. If you end up with more than 5 accounts on different networks, you might not be able to keep up with each one. 1-3 Highly active accounts will always look better than a bunch of silent ones.

#5 Have the right attitude

Build connections and communicate with users like you would a new friend. It’s good to be excited, but don’t be excessive or desperate. The right attitude will attract attention, and staying calm and collected in all your work will make you look like you know what you’re doing.

#6 Follow the rules

Social networks don’t actually exist for your business. They exist to help people connect with each other.

#7 Build a community (brick by brick)

Don’t just add people to get your numbers up. Besides, the followers or ‘likes’ you will gain through mass-friending/following will never be as worthwhile as the ones you get from genuine interest.

#8 Offer something

From valuable advice to engaging small talk, you don’t have to give away prizes to offer something. In the end, however, most people want free stuff.

#9 Hone your brand

From giveaways to email footers, everything you do impacts your brand. No matter what image you are looking for, make sure your social media presence echoes it in every way

#10 Analyze your competitors

Locate your competition and find out exactly what they’re doing. Seriously, be their customer and watch for what’s working and what’s not. Identifying their weaknesses will help you fill in for what they’re missing.

#11 Never give up.

Promoting your startup can be difficult. It’s just one more job to your already full-time schedule. Some people live on Twitter and you don’t have to, but try working a few social tools into your daily life.