Mark Addicks (General Mills- CMO) Talking about shopper marketing strategies

“Store brands are a challenge, but they also present a great opportunity for us to deliver things that consumers really care about in a proprietary way.

Brand building has been the primary corporate strategy of General Mills since the beginning,” he says. “Year after year, we have terrific people who take our brands and make them even more iconic.

General Mills has always made it a priority to understand the roles its brands play in everyday life, says Mark. It’s not enough simply to identify who uses which brand. It’s about connecting with those who can’t live without the brand, people he likes to call “brand champions.”

Another key to iconic brands, says Mark, is a corporate culture that respects the past while aiming at the future, and that literally connects those who used to work on a brand to those creating its future.

Seems everyone is talking about shopper marketing. But who is really doing it?

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