Luv The Nug: a brilliant branding strategy


Restore confidence in the quality Scotsman brand of commercial ice makers among foodservice consultants, equipment distributors and dealers, and end-user restaurants and institutional kitchens.


Harness the passion of nugget ice fans and rally them around a single message and branded destination to express and share their love for Nugget Ice: the Original Chewable Ice. Leverage this consumer energy and demonstrated preference as a compelling sales tool to drive B2B sales and build positive brand perception.


Luv The Nug


Offer passionate ice-chewers the shareable tools – petitions, purchasable swag, downloadable posters, nugget ice recipes and even the first-ever Nug locator mobile app – they need to demonstrate their love of and demand for nugget ice.


Nug Luvers created 20,000 unique web visits and more than 3,000 “likes” on Facebook in the first weeks of the campaign. Scotsman sales representatives were able to leverage this proven market. Most important: Scotsman realized a double digit increase in the sale of nugget ice machines. Luv the Nug has transcended campaign status and now an integral part of Scotsman’s brand platform.

Luv The Nug – Case Study Video from gyro on Vimeo.

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