Richard Branson: “Screw Business As Usual”

In this book I’ll share some great stories about people who are already leading the way. We’ve learned a great deal from some of these pioneers as the Virgin Group continues on its journey to transform itself into a force for good for people and for the planet. I’ll also share some of our own Virgin Group stories and, I hope, help you learn from some of the many successes and (yes we do have them at Virgin too) the occasional failure we’ve had along the way.
First and foremost, I have written this book for the new wave of emerging entrepreneurs as well as for existing business people who are transforming their organizations, at the same time as trying to develop a business and to make a living, trying to do more to help people and to help the planet. It reflects a vibrant and very marked sea change from the way business always used to be done, when financial profit was the only driving force. Today, people aren’t afraid to say, Screw business as usual!–and show they mean it.