BBDO Melbourn: Yellow pages campaing “Hidden Pizza”

In an era where companies have more platforms to advertise on than ever before, Yellow Pages had to convince the small business market that it was still the place to advertise. So we helped it do the best possible thing it could do to prove its point: open a small business and only advertise through the Yellow Pages.

The business was called the Hidden Pizza restaurant, aptly named because it was hidden far away from everything else the world, down an alleyway, through a roller door, down an elevator and in a basement.

We then issued a challenge to the Australian community: anyone who found Hidden Pizza over a two-week span would be given a free pizza. The only clue people were given: Look it up the way you would any other business.

Hidden Pizza’s opening night eventually came. And thousands found it.

In what amounted to the most successful advertiser campaign in its history, Yellow Pages proved that it delivers both customers and effectiveness, like no other outlet can.