Chevy Sonic: 3D Projection Mapping Claw Game

There’s projection mapping and there’s projection mapping… Then there’s this… Possibly the best interactive 3D projection mapping event I’ve seen to date. Sure, the visual experience isn’t as amazing as some of the others you’d have seen posted here, but I’m not just comparing that, I’m referencing the entire experience, and particularly the audience interactivity.
Staged on the famous Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard (it’s an amazing hotel… you must stay there!) the interactive 3D projection mapping event for the new Chevy Sonic literally shut the street down, and had hundreds of people lining up to get involved with the installation.
With the event featured around an interactive projection mapped claw game where people would use a foot-pedal and gear-knob to control the claw in real time to try their luck at winning a bunch of cool prizes, including a 2012 Chevy Sonic…
Very cool. Plus, it also picked up the Guinness World Record for the world’s biggest claw game!