WalmartLabs Buys Small Society & 9 Million Cancel Cable Subscriptions

WalmartLabs Expands with Purchase of Mobile Developer
Walmart has purchased Small Society, a Portland-based mobile developer, to join their already existing development team called Walmart Labs. Launched in 2011, Walmart Labs was designed to keep Walmart at the forefront of mobile and social commerce activities. This is not the first acquisition Walmart has made in the past year. Recently they acquired a social media and search platform as well as online advertisement software. It is clear that Walmart wants to be a player in the social media and e-commerce space. A Walmart Labs executive said, “The first generation of ecommerce was about bringing the store to the web. The next generation will be about building integrated experiences that leverage the store, the web, and mobile, with social identity being the glue that binds the experience. Walmart is taking the necessary steps to develop digital marketing technologies in-house, which will further enhance their ability to innovate the shopping experience across multiple platforms.

9 Million People Cancel Cable in 2011
A shocking report from Deloitte shows a sharp decline in cable subscriptions last year. According to the study, a staggering one in five U.S. residents say they have either cancelled cable or are thinking about doing it. That comes out to be approximately nine million people who have stopped paying for cable TV. Rather, these users are streaming shows through vendors such as Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, etc. This data signals a massive market shift in the cable TV industry, with consequences for both producers and advertisers. The streaming services do not play ads during the shows, as users pay a monthly-subscription fee. If this trend continues, we expect to see a huge shift in marketing strategies in the broadcast realm.