The Coca-Cola Zero Video Puzzle

The Challenge

Coke Zero has launched a new TV ad and wanted everyone to see it… that’s when they came to us.
As a part of Coke Zero’s “Open Your Mind” Strategy, we accepted the challenge and opened our minds how to create an innovative, fun and effective viewing experience.
After playing with the idea, we got to a very simple conclusion… sometimes, you just have to play!

The Solution

We transformed the new TV ad into a digital dynamic puzzle game. Instead of using a plain-old image puzzle, we used the live video ad to form the puzzle pieces.
So instead of just watching the movie, our users entered an interactive competition in which they had to assemble the video pieces in the shortest time period while the movie is playing. Of course we threw in some prizes to make it a little more interesting…

The Result

In two weeks, hundreds of thousands of users were exposed to the ad and to the entire Coke zero campaign. Tens of thousands of people played with the puzzle while spreading the word to their friends and we doubled our facebook fans count!
The most shocking fact about this campaign was that EVERY user was exposed to the ad in an average of 23 TIMES!