Ford Fiesta: The Fiestagram Campaign

With so many campaigns focusing on either Twitter or Facebook, it’s always refreshing to see examples that take advantage of the smaller sites and do something different. Ford latest campaign for their new Ford Fiesta vehicle had them use Facebook, but the real pull of the campaign was focused around the photo app Instagram.

Named The Fiestagram, the campaign asked Instagram users around Europe to upload photos in numerous categories, each one was associated with one of the car’s high-tech features. Tagged with the campaign name #Fiestagram, each week would see a different feature being highlighted such as music and upload their photo with the appropriate hashtag.

The campaign lasted seven weeks with over 16,000 different photos uploaded during this period. Those who won the weekly competition got a letter and accompanying prize including a Canon SLR camera while the overall winner receiving a brand new Ford Fiesta. The campaign was simple, but a smart way of promoting the features associate with its car. The campaign was created by Blue Hive who are based in London.