Live Park – The first user-generated 4D theme park

d’strict, the award winning New York and Seoul based 4D creative company, announced that it will unveil ‘Live Park’ at the Asian Attractions Expo 2011, June 22-24, Resort World Sentosa, Singapore. ‘Live Park’ is d’strict’s ground breaking theme park entertainment platform in which visitors interact with various 4D adventure platforms to create their own unique adventure, with avatars personalized to reflect facial characteristics. This is a new genre crossing over performance, exhibitions and gaming with its advanced 4D technology.

‘Live Park’ is a completely new kind of entertainment platform using the world’s leading convergent and crossover technologies. Spatial interactive games, mixed reality and hologram performances have been brought together to create an exciting, user-generated experience unlike any other 4D attraction. What is unique about ‘Live Park’ compared to all other 4D rides is that visitors create their own adventure. ‘Live Park’ enables them to drive the story forward similar to an MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game), but is both a virtual and tangible real world experience. Smart phones can also be used as controllers in ‘Live Park’. This allows visitors incredible levels of interactivity with the attraction, for instance they can check their accumulated items during the adventure in real-time, and even “throw” items from their smart phones to screen.