Karma: An app for instant gift giving

KarmaA Social Shopping App That’s Actually Social

Karma is an app, launching first thing Tuesday morning, which will allow you to quickly and easily buy last-minute gifts for your friends, family and all others in between. It’s designed for for mobile first, but has a web-based version to work from your desktop as well.

Karma is designed to help users find reasons and inspirations to give gifts to their Facebook friends, by identifying their birthdays and other occasions (it also works without logging into Facebook).

Once you’ve logged in, via Facebook or Twitter, you can quickly scroll through your contacts, then choose from over 50 (at present) different partners from whom you’d like to purchase a gift. You’ll have options like Jawbone, 23andme, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify and many more, so that there’s a wide selection of digital gifts, as well as physical ones. There are message options for birthdays, special occasions, congratulations or even something as simple as “tough day”.

Once your gift is sent, you can then notify the recipient. They’ll get a message, within 60 seconds, with your customized greeting. Once they go through the message, they have the option to customize the delivery (for physical gifts) or even choose something different, based on the dollar amount spent.

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