It used to be that the biggest surprise you might find after leaving the supermarket was that you’d been overcharged or forgotten something. Shoppers in Brazil recently found a much more useful surprise along with their groceries, however, and it was printed right on the receipt.

Created by Ogilvy Brazil, the latest campaign from Hellmann’s finds a clever way to show consumers how to get more out of their mayonnaise. Ogilvy installed software in cash registers at 100 locations of a supermarket chain in Brazil that recognizes when Hellmann’s is scanned. This program quickly sifts through a database of potential recipes to find one based on the other purchased ingredients. The custom-designed recipe is then printed on the receipt along with directions on how to prepare it. For instance, chicken, parsley, curry, and Hellmann’s would be combined to make Chicken Fingers with Curry.

Hopefully, no shoppers at any participating supermarkets were just buying mayonnaise and cigarettes. Because that’s just a recipe for sadness.