Nike FuelBand “TWEETFUEL” gives twitter activity a physical presence

The Nike+ FuelBand is like a black LiveStrong bracelet that keeps track of your activity. Some of the team at Stinkdigital, who helped create Nike’s recent interactive “My Time Is Now” campaign, seized on the tracking power of the FuelBand, and experimented with how to use it to monitor digital activity. What they came up with (in just over a week, no less) is Tweetfuel, a motorized kit harnessing the FuelBand’s capabilities.

Whenever there is any activity on Stinkdigital’s Twitter account (be it RTs, new followers, or @-replies), “fuel points” are recorded and the band spins around on the kit. The more followers each new follower or RT-er has, the higher the points, and the more times the band spins around. Over a period of sustained usage, the sight of Tweetfuel looking like the world’s slowest wristwatch should clue users into the need for changing tactics and trying something new. And if this physical reaction isn’t enough, the number of fuel points per month becomes a metric to set goals by.